The Complete Eye Makeup Application Guide


Applying eyeshadow is not too difficult. However, mastering the proper eye makeup application is no easy process. How do you pick the best colour for your skin tone and eye colour? Actually, do you need ten cosmetic brushes? Are you going to use the entire eyeshadow palette at some point?

We’ve created a five-step tutorial to show you exactly how to use all those eyeliners, mascaras, and shadows because we know how easy it is to become perplexed about the best methods to make your eyes shine. Let’s get going.

1. Use excellent makeup brushes to begin.

Famous painters avoid finger painting since doing so makes it far more difficult to produce works of art. The same is true while applying makeup. Purchase a few high-quality makeup brushes to apply makeup evenly, precisely, and hygienically. Fortunately, you can find excellent ones without spending your entire paycheck.

2. Cover the lid with a basic eyeshadow.

Grab your preferred eyeshadow palette and your favourite base shade with your eyeshadow brush, then apply it to your eyelid. Depending on the style you’re going for, you can stop applying this foundation colour at the crease of your eye for a simple, daily appearance or bring it all the way up to your brow bone in preparation for a more dramatic smokey eye.

Here’s a simple tip for the latter situation: apply the colour when your eyes are open, starting in the crease and moving toward the lash line. You won’t ever overshoot your crease or have sloppy lines if you do it this way.

3. Emphasize darker eye shadow in the crease.

By creating depth and dimension in the precise location, using a darker shade of shadow in the crease of the eye makes your eyes stand out since dark colours attract light.

To achieve the effect, follow the contours of your eye between your brow bone and eyelid by sweeping a domed brush with a dark shadow along the eye socket. No matter what colour your eyes are, a rich brown shade like Urban Decay Eyeshadow in Thunderbird is universally attractive.

If you have hooded eyes, when your eyes are open, the majority of your movable lid is hidden by your upper lid. Because the colour will vanish if you apply crease shadow only along the eye socket, you will need to experiment with alternative, higher positions for it. Instead, begin with your eyes wide open and mark with your brush where you want the beginning of that dark colour to be apparent. Then, blend while closing your eyes, erasing any sharp edges and concentrating colour in a “V” shape on the outermost corner of the eye.

4. Use a very dark colour to rim your lash lines.

Correctly applied eyeliner can give the appearance of fuller lashes. If you don’t like eyeliner that much, you can achieve a similar (and simpler cleanup!) with a really black eyeshadow. Apply the dark colour with a flat, short-bristled brush along the lower lash line and the outer borders of your upper eyelid, where your eyelashes start. You can draw this line with one of our favourite waterproof eyeliners if you prefer to wear liner on your waterline, which is the innermost rim of the eye, as the bristles may hurt your eyes.

5. Use a lovely sparkly shadow to highlight.

Directly beneath the brow, use a sparkly, light eyeshadow or pencil to make your brows stand out and create lift. To make things even brighter, apply the same pearly light shade to the inner corner of the eye. You’re done when you apply a few coats of our go-to mascara.

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