10 Makeup Tips For Beginners

10 Makeup Tips For Beginners

Whether you are a novice or a pro, makeup tips and tricks are always helpful for a seamless experience and for dealing with mishaps. For instance, a straightforward tip might enable you to create the ideal cat eyes or wings with eyeshadow. Use these genius makeup tricks to achieve your finest appearance. Read on to learn more.

1. Apply Your Foundation Before Concealer

Applying foundation before concealer is the simplest approach to improving your beauty regimen. Consider this: Applying foundation first can help minimize any redness or discolouration—almost like you’re laying the foundation for the rest of your products—by providing a smooth base. Then, using much less product overall, you may go in and spot-treat any zits or lingering redness with your concealer. Another benefit? It’s a fantastic idea to apply foundation before concealer to avoid caking and creasing.

2. Melt Your Pencil Liner To Help It Glide

Warmed cream-based cosmetic products mix better. Therefore, slightly melt your kohl eyeliner pencil before you begin lining if it skips, tugs, or requires several coats to achieve a respectable colour payoff on your eyelid. To achieve this, hold the tip of your kohl liner under a lighter flame for a moment or until it becomes tacky, let it cool slightly (swatch it on your fingers to make sure it isn’t too hot or melted), and then watch the consistency change in front of your eyes.

3. Choose The Right Brush

For powders, in particular, the applicator makes a significant difference in the final appearance of any makeup product. When applying powder, always use the fluffiest brush you can find for the best results.

4. Set Your Lip Colour With A Tissue And A Powder

Simply swipe on your chosen shade, cover your mouth with a tissue, and then top it off with translucent powder to prevent bleeding or colour fading for hours. Although this step may seem “extra,” the result is wholly worthwhile. By employing the tissue as a barrier, you can prevent the translucent powder from lightening or dulling your lip colour.

5. Use A Brush Handler As A Contour Guide

Since every person has a unique facial shape, the optimum location for your contour may not be the same as for your BFF’s. Roll a pencil, pen, or cosmetic brush handle just below your cheekbone (exactly in the pocket underneath the real bone) to determine where you should apply your bronzer or contour powder and the ideal angle for your face. Once you have the appropriate spot, use a contouring brush to apply some bronzer directly beneath it, and then smooth the colour out to soften it.

6. Map Your Contour With A Brow Pencil

Lacking a cream contour stick? No issue. After applying your foundation, use a deeply coloured brow gel pencil to outline the areas you want to contour, such as the hollows beneath your cheekbones, your temples, your hairline, jawline, the sides of your nose, the tip of your nose, and the crease of your eyes. You read that correctly; the intense concentration and high smudge-ability of brow gel pencils make them ideal for contouring.

7. Practice Overlining With Caution

If you want your lips to appear larger, try overlining them, or putting your lipliner outside your lips. To achieve this, though, exercise caution. If you overdo it, it will appear really cheesy and overly evident. Apply along the outer lip edges for the best results.

8. Clean Your Brushes

There is absolutely no excuse for not cleaning your brushes, unless a serious skin breakout is the look you are going for. Brushes that aren’t clean can harbour bacteria, and makeup residues can affect how well they work. At least once every week, wash them with a gentle shampoo.

9. Plumb Your Lashes With Translucent Powder

To plump up your lashes, apply some translucent setting powder between coats of mascara. The translucent powder holds the mascara in place between coats, resulting in fuller, more voluminous lashes.

10. Do Your Makeup Under Natural Light

Make an effort to apply your makeup in natural light as much as possible. Makeup appears differently under various artificial lights. Only in natural light can you see the truth.

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