The time for the world to recognise the art of makeup is finally here. Makeup artists all over the world have contributed immensely to the beauty and fashion industry and it will be only befitting if they are duly recognised and rewarded. It is with this intent, that the founder of AFMUA decided to come up with the Africas Finest Makeup Artist Contest to provide an opportunity for African makeup artists to demonstrate their skills and challenge themselves with their creativity, to be tutored and mentored by industry professionals in the skill of makeup, and to be in the spotlight where they can be seen and celebrated globally.

 For the first time in africa something big is coming for all makeup artists and this has got professionals and icons in the beauty and fashion world all talking about it. 

watch what Laura Ikeji is saying about AFMUA on her instagram page, and all the benefits that you stand to gain from participating in the biggest online contest for African makeup artists.

Click here to watch the full video on her page.

Afmua 2023 is an online contest, a lifetime opportunity, a road to blow in your makeup profession, a chance that you shouldn’t miss for the world. Registrations are currently ongoing, don’t sit back anymore in this new year, get up and make that move, greatness awaits you ahead.

Begin your journey today and click here to get registered now

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