Africa Finest Makeup Artist

Contest Stages

Through these contest stages, AFMUA aims to showcase the diverse talents and creativity of makeup artists across Africa, while providing a platform for contestants to express themselves and push the boundaries of their artistry.

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Stage 1

Introduction and Pitch Video

Contestants are tasked with creating a compelling short video clip, ranging from 3 to 5 minutes, where they articulate why they deserve to be crowned AFMUA 2023. This video should showcase their passion for makeup artistry, highlight their unique style, and convey their dedication to the craft.

Stage 2

Makeup Process Showcase

In this stage, contestants are required to create a reel video demonstrating their makeup process from start to finish. The video should include the following key elements: skin preparation routine, foundation and concealer application, brow shaping routine, lip makeup application, and a final look presentation. Contestants should select an appropriate song to accompany their video and ensure that it showcases them actively working throughout the entire process.

Stage 3

Smokey Eyes Makeup Challenge

Contestants are challenged to create a captivating makeup look centered around the smokey eyes concept. They must produce a 45-minute video showcasing their creativity and skills as they execute their interpretation of the smokey eyes style. The video should capture the contestant's process, from initial preparation to the final result, while allowing them to express their artistic flair and individuality.

Stage 4

African Tribal Bridal Look

In this stage, contestants are tasked with creating a stunning bridal makeup look inspired by the traditions and aesthetics of an African tribe of their choice. The contestants must demonstrate their ability to incorporate cultural elements into their makeup design while maintaining a modern and bridal-appropriate aesthetic. The video should document the entire process of creating the bridal look, ensuring that viewers can see the contestant's technique and artistry at every step.

Important Notes

African Makeup Artist Awards (AFMUA)

Fostering creativity, fostering inclusivity, and professional development within the makeup artistry community in Africa.

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