How — and How Often — Should You Clean Your Makeup Brushes?

Most of us are guilty of ignoring our makeup brushes, allowing powder and cream formulas to build up on the bristles for weeks and using multiple colours without cleaning in between. However, experts say it’s critical to spend at least a few minutes each week removing crud to prevent bacteria development, acne, and other unpleasant skin concerns. Brushes are considered …

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The Complete Eye Makeup Application Guide

Applying eyeshadow is not too difficult. However, mastering the proper eye makeup application is no easy process. How do you pick the best colour for your skin tone and eye colour? Actually, do you need ten cosmetic brushes? Are you going to use the entire eyeshadow palette at some point? We’ve created a five-step tutorial to show you exactly how …

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How to Fill in Eyebrows for a Natural Look

Some people don’t have any eyebrows at all, some have very light or bushy ones, or neither. An awkward brow shape can result from using too many tweezers at home, getting a bad eyebrow wax, or thinning your brows. Regardless of the state of your brows, you can fill them in using particular methods, tools, and colours to make them …

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