Meet The AFMUA Founder

Founded by Ms. Elohor Akporehe, AFMUA is poised to recognize the diverse styles and techniques employed by makeup artists across Africa, ensuring that each entry is assessed impartially and with the utmost respect for artistic expression. Our aim is to showcase the breadth and depth of talent within the African makeup community and to honor those who demonstrate exceptional skill and artistry.

The Africa's Finest Makeup Awards (AFMUA) began its journey with a vision to recognize and showcase the remarkable skills of makeup artists throughout Africa. Since its inception [insert year], the competition has grown exponentially, attracting participants from various corners of the continent. Over the years, AFMUA has become a prestigious event in the beauty industry, serving as a launchpad for emerging talents and a platform for established artists to further elevate their careers. With each passing year, we continue to expand our reach and impact, solidifying our position as a beacon of excellence in African makeup artistry.

Meet the Judges

Our Exceptional and Experienced Judges

At AFMUA, we uphold the highest standards of fairness and integrity in our judging process. Our panel of expert judges evaluates entries based on a comprehensive set of criteria, including creativity, technical skill, innovation, and overall presentation.


Coach Rafi


Coach Rukeeyz

Team Uzuri

Coach Blessing

Team Onigele

Coach Adedara

Team Glam

Coach Okoye

Team Foy

Coach Anita

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